Money, Marketing, & Impact

Precious Price is an esteemed Speaker, Impact Strategist, and Social Entrepreneur in Atlanta, GA. She began her career in marketing and technology consulting following completing two degrees from the Kelley School of Business; having had the pleasure of consulting with large corporate organizations as well as local small businesses and service providers on business operations, brand development, and content strategy through her company The Brand Table.

In 2019, Precious purchased her first investment property on the south side of Atlanta. This hobby quickly became a passion, and later a full-time endeavor, when she documented the process of designing, building, and renting a tiny house in her backyard. This series, titled GOING TINY (watch below), has garnered more than a quarter million views on YouTube and became the springboard for the growth of a six-figure short-term rental portfolio.

After 2 years of coaching in this space and helping countless individuals earn their first five figures from short-term rentals, Precious pivoted and began building her company LANDRIFT. A tech-enabled insights and learning platform for those that understand real estate is both a wealth-building vehicle AND a basic human right. Her 2022 TEDx talk highlights housing insecurity and the desperate need for both capital and social good in real estate.