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Founded in 2022, LANDRIFT (now GatherADU) is a tech-enabled insights and planning platform for homeowners wanting to turn their backyard space into housing


#GOINGTINY is a popular 3-part docuseries I produced following the 6-month journey of converting a shed into a tiny home in Atlanta

The Brand Table

The Brand Table is a digital marketing consultancy servicing small businesses, executives, and service providers. Check out our previous podcast episodes


#AirbnbMoney is a diverse digital community of over 5,000 people curated to share best practices for getting started in the short-term rental industry


Who is Precious Price?

One many have called a force to be reckoned with, Precious Price is an esteemed Speaker, Business Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, and licensed GA Realtor. She is the Co-Founder of Gather ADU, an interactive planning and management dashboard for homeowners ready to create housing using their backyard space. Precious leads marketing, partnerships, and customer acquisition efforts for the organization.

Following completing two degrees at the Kelley School of Business, Precious began her career in management consulting before stepping full-time into entrepreneurship. Through The Brand Table, she consults corporate organizations and small businesses alike on operations, brand development, and content strategy.

In 2019, she began her journey in real estate and later went on to produce GOING TINY, a highly acclaimed docuseries which follows her process of designing, building, and renting a tiny house in her South Atlanta backyard. Coupled with her previous success as a vacation rental business owner, Precious began to see a major missed opportunity in real estate development. She expands on this topic in her 2022 TEDx talk titled, Why We Need to Rethink Housing Insecurity. Precious has garnered praise from many major publications across the world, including CNBC, New York Times, Business Insider, and The Sun.

She is currently accepting bookings for speaking engagements on topics such as wealth-building through housing/real estate, personal branding and brand strategy, overcoming adversity, and thriving as a woman in business and tech.

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